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Interesting article, thanks for writing down your thoughts on the 2020's.

I believe this sentence on "Loop Store" is wrong though. You claim "Loop is a new circular, sustainable, on-demand grocery delivery service from food giants including Nestlé, Unilever, and Pepsi".

To my knowledge, it's a form of subscription for selected products in re-usable containers. Offerd by recycling company Terracycle (https://www.terracycle.com/). However, the brands you mention have participated early in the program, developing re-usable packaings for their most loved products.

And it can be seen as an addition to regular online/offline grocery shopping.

Looking forward to reading more from you!

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Your writing is always inspiring David. Trends 1 and 2 are in my opinion related to blockchain and I am surprised it isn't mentioned at all in either. Welcome to NFTs and how these will become increasingly part of the metaverse (looking at what Veve/Ecomi is doing recently, or Chiliz who is tokenizing European football by leveraging on the fans' communities).

Network effects is not evoked either and to me it is a key to understanding the trends you have highlighted...Twitter needs to be re-thought as a place of engagement/activism for companies to move from storytelling to authentic sustainability innovations, conversations and even participation. One could even think to leverage more of the new media such as Twitch, Reddit etc. Think WallStreetBets: I believe network effects and community governance are the trends hidden in plain sight here!

Finally there is still one elephant in the room: re-thinking Loyalty. For too long we have pursued loyalty as a currency to chase 1 thing from consumers: monetary value...Buy 9 and get the 10th unit/service for free, fly 10000 miles and redeem your mileage on your next trip...There is more value from our customers to chase than just the extra bucks (call it mileage, room booking, cinema ticket...). Think of a Yoga teacher who sees 80% of her new customers quitting after the 5th class because it's the most challenging (=painful!). Then perhaps the teacher could incentivize "Class 6 free of charge for everyone who completes Class 5" because the value you get from customers here is not monetary, it is their engagement in the values embodied in Yoga (composure, resilience, mastery...).

Well, you did build my engagement here with such a lengthy comment, so you surely have a lot more capacities to develop on this theme for future articles! :)

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